Windows Media Server Authorization plugin


Streaming large volumes of media over the Internet with Windows Media Server, sooner or later you face the problem - somebody is stealing your content. That's because Windows Media Server has no built-in way to authorize and protect your streams. Anyone can just look into your web pages code, easily find out your media URLs and then just get access to your media contents to re-stream it. This means that users will pay to somebody else but you even though they will use your resources. How can this be avoided?

WMS Auth plugin provides easy, reliable and bullet-proof protection against unauthorized access to your media files.



Supported Platforms

Streaming server

Windows 2003 Server (x86, x64)
Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition is required for WMS Auth plugin.
Only Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition supports customization for authorization level for Windows Media Server (WMS).

Windows 2008 Server (x86, x64)
Windows 2008 Server Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter and Web editions are fully supported.

Web interface server

Any platform, regardless of operating system or web server software. You can use Windows or Linux.

Usage description

Check out WMS Auth plugin website to find out how it works.

Also, examine usage examples.


Go to WMS Auth plugin website to get installation package.

Source code
Since WMSAuth plugin is licensed under GNU GPL, you can use SourceForge to obtain the source code.


This plugin is an open source (and always will be) and our commercial support is available. If you need our help during any phase of your development or deployment cycle for affordable price please contact us.
Support price does not depend on the quantity of servers. We will propose how to protect your data using our solution and you can scale your network without additional payments. The price depends only on the features you need.
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